Why I Love Dr Martens Pascal Virginia Boots

“The epitome of rebellious fashion with a history of grunge punk; meet the British brand that associates itself with free-thinkers and creatives.”

Originally marketed as industrial footwear; Dr Martens are now a fashion staple. Once linked to punk-rockers, now they’re more of a versatile boot that can be dressed to suit your own style.

In this blog I’ll be discussing why I think everyone should possess a pair of Dr Marten Pascal boots in their wardrobe and why they aren’t  just your standard 1460 8 eyelet lace up Doc.

Dr Martens pascal virginia 8 eyelet boots in black leather, style inspiration

 Dr Martens 8 eyelet Pascal Virginia in Dublin, docs, doc twins, matching dr martens

Me wearing my Dr Martens Pascal Virginia in Dublin.


My experience wearing Pascal…

I absolutely adore my Docs. It is no secret, I am forever publicly declaring my love for these beauties and telling friends and family that “it’s worth the investment”.

I’d never owned a pair of Docs until a couple of years ago. My first pair of docs were – Dr Martens Womens Core 1460 Black Vintage Rose 8 Eyelet Boot.  They were floral and I couldn’t resist purchasing a pair. After owning these boots, it was fair to say I was a proud owner and naturally wanted to buy another pair.

If you know your docs; I know what you’re thinking… what is the difference between Dr martens 1460 and Pascal?

At first glance they look like the iconic 8 eyelet 1460 Dr Marten. But on closer inspection they are made with a soft, fine grained Nappa leather.

Although DM’s may seem a bit pricey- remember they are built to last!  The the sole has been welted using their famous yellow stitching and they have durable soles – so they can last you a lifetime. Plus I personally think this brand pulls off the worn look.

womens Dr Marten pascal virginia 8 eyelet lace up boot with yellow stitching

Are they comfy?

I remember when I brought my first pair of docs, everyone told me that you had to ‘break them in’ and that they were uncomfortable when you first started wearing them. But I never experienced this with Pascal Virginia.. and I put this down to the soft nappa leather. They have always been supeeeeeer comfy and flexible.

So if you’re a Marten’s newbie and are worried about them being uncomfortable then I’d definitely recommend going for a style like ‘Pascal’ with softer leather.

Where do I wear them?

I take them EVERYWHERE with me. And that I mean that quite literally – I took them to the other side of the world- New Zealand! They were an absolute dream and I wore them nearly everyday. From walking through tropical forests to wearing them up snowy mountains. (Although they’re not snow boots and probably weren’t designed for this purpose, they were slip resistant and they didn’t leak.) They felt very secure and you can adjust how tight you want them with the lace up fastening. I was so grateful I had packed them.

It was winter when I went to New Zealand and it was absolutely freezing. It took me a while to acclimatize as we’d left a sunny Britain behind (as much as that’s hard to believe)  My Docs were roomy enough to team them with thick knitted socks and they kept my toes super toasty.

I am also a big festival/ gig goer, so my docs are my ‘go-to’  footwear for occasions like this and I never worry about ruining them as they are so hard-wearing.

For me my docs tick all the boxes and have most definitely become a staple in my wardrobe. For  me they are a fashion staple—yet SO practical !

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Is Dr Marten’s Wonder Balsam really THAT wonderful?

The Wonder Balsam for all leather types (apart from suede) is a combination of coconut oil, lanolin and beeswax. It is supposed to protect against water/liquid and salt marks. It should also clean and protect leather and keep it soft.

If truth be told I’ve never bothered purchasing shoe polishes in the past. But I thought I’d try Dr Marten’s Wonder Balsam and tell you all if it’s worth the additional buy (see below pictures).

does dr martens wonder balsam really work

My Docs before and after using the Wonder Balsam.

So my verdict? …

Yes, I would say that the Wonder Balsam really is wonderful. I was surprised how much difference this product made to my Docs. I’ve had the Pascal boots  for about a year now and as I mentioned earlier I haven’t exactly worn them sparingly..so they’re looking a bit worn. But after using the polish it made them look brand spanking new again and made the leather look super smooth.

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3 Comments: Why I Love Dr Martens Pascal Virginia Boots

  • Chloe says:

    They look fabulous!

  • Sylver says:

    Hey, Nice post there 🙂 I’m a big fan of Dr. Martens and I’m about to buy the same as yours here. I have a question though: Do they scratch in the front? And if yes, to the balm make the scratches disappear? 😀 I’m very sensitive with my shoes. Thanks !!

    • sbm-admin says:

      Hi, the wonder balm is great for scuffs but I wouldn’t rely on it for deeper scratches. However since I’ve had mine in black I haven’t had any scratches on them.
      I hope this helps!
      Kind Regards,
      Shoes By Mail